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Evasion, Avoidance, and Bashing Panama in a World of Aggressive Tax States

These are exactly my thoughts and many of my tax discussion group's thoughts at the moment! It is really making me think hard about how to communicate the evasion/avoidance distinction to a general public because everything is being lumped into one nasty picture and that does no one any good.

Published Apr 19, 2016 by May Hen

I am worrying along similar lines here:

And here is John Kay:

Published Apr 20, 2016 by Maya Forstater

I fully support the lines you have set out in this post. I will also be replying to Maya who has posted something equally interesting.)
As a member of a public service union in the UK we have been trying for some years to drive out zombie facts and to make the case there are a lot of myths around avoidance and evasion that lazy or hurried media people do not deconstruct.
As far as I can see the essence of Panama is secrecy because it is so clearly in the criminal hinterland, well beyond any semblance of "aggressive" avoidance. Avoidance hides in the open - hence why so much is written about entities like Google or Amazon, whose filings contain all the evidence their critics use.
We recently held an event in Parliament to raise a few of these myths. This followed on from one the previous year on transparency. But it is a huge area to cover and there seems to be no sign of any sustained or material increase in the public understanding you (correctly) judge as essential. Achieving that is a somewhat daunting prospect!

Published Apr 20, 2016 by Iain

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