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FATCA in Canada-constitutional challenge mounting


I will just add that currently the UK's own FATCA like initiative is limited to essentially "dependent" territories that from the standpoint of international are part of the UK but which the UK under its own constitution arrangements has considered for tax purposes to be separate from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. One difference between this most recent UK FATCA initiative is best efforts are tax cooperation within in the UK domestic space typically had a certain combination of carrots and sticks. To the extent that UK dependent territories cooperated with the "mainland" in areas of tax administration UK citizens resident in the dependent territories would receive additional social benefits that previously only existed for UK residents in England, Wales, et all.

As such unlike with the EU Savings Tax Directive the mainland UK government has not had to give anything up this time due to FATCA.

Published Mar 01, 2014 by Tim

Additionally as of tonight Friday none of the IGA Treaty documents have been tabled in the Canadian Parliament. April 28th here we come?

Published Mar 01, 2014 by Tim

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