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Here is the only reason why Ted Cruz's citizenship is interesting.

Excellent post. Yes, the meeting of birthright citizenship laws and the obligations of emigrants and their children to the country of origin make for quite a mess.

I personally think Locke was right: "It is plain then, by the practice of governments themselves, as well as by the law of right reason, that a child is born a subject of no country or government."

No citizenship without consent!

Published Aug 20, 2013 by Victoria FERAUGE

So Mr Cruz has awoken to the fact that he’s a ‘accidental Canadian’. It’s fortunate for him that Canada hasn’t subjected him to the same nightmare that ‘accidental Americans’ are waking up to.
Mr Cruz's ignorance and presumptuousness is mind-boggling but unfortunately typical of how many Americans think. First of all he's an American "at birth" and a Canadian "by birth". Secondly he assumes that somehow his American citizenship negated his Canadian. To renounce his Canadian he can make an online payment of $100 to the Canadian government and maybe have to see a Canadian citizenship judge at his local Canadian consulate. By contrast, in order to renounce US citizenship (even if you were born outside the US) Americans throughout the world must file at least 5 years worth of US tax returns, pay all back taxes and penalties owed, make at least one visit to a US consulate where they pay a fee of $450, and in many cases pay a hefty exit tax. The US should call themselves "land of the fee" for it certainly isn't free with the walls it's erected around itself.

Published Aug 20, 2013 by bubblebustin

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