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Shu Yi Oei: The Offshore Tax Enforcement Dragnet

Is FATCA really a dragnet when the search for indicia fails to detect US persons who lack a US place of birth - a false-negative so to speak?
It also seems incongruous from a discrimination point of view when Canadian banks won't ask someone where they were born, yet search for place of birth in singling out bank customers.

Published Apr 04, 2017 by bubblebustin

I hope you write a blog post on the recent marijuana legalization legislation announcement. I think there are lot of important implications to the worlds of tax, money laundering, trade, and international governance.

Published Apr 13, 2017 by Tim

Below is a very good article from the University of Ottawa Law School discussing some of the international legal obligations of legalizing pot.

Published Apr 18, 2017 by Tim

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